Download Private SMS and call – Android App that Shows Anti SMS Spam

Private SMS and call is an Android app which shows Anti SMS Spam on your phone. You should setup dial number to open the Private Box and hide “Private Box” button so that your mate does not aware of your secret box. The app prevent unwanted message from any sender. Turn it on and stay safe and hide your private conversations.

Download Private SMS and call from Android Market

[androidqrcode: com.superdroid.spc]


  • Blacklist that block sms and block calls as firewall
  • Private Conversation that move sms call to a private place
  • Customizable filters for more block or private request
  • Blacklist keywords
  • Block number in blocked list
  • Block sender as name, i.e message received from your bank
  • Block unknown senders
  • Private Box with Password protected
  • Restore to Inbox
  • Import number from call log, sms threads and phone book
  • Compose/reply private sms

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