Download Quick Markup Tool for Browsers

Quick Markup helps to capture webpage freely, mark up with shape, text, one-click upload to share. Support PNG and shortcuts. Useful in organizing ideas, planning and tracking projects, solving the problem of image-based information exchange.

Download Quick Markup for Chrome

Download Quick Markup for firefox

Download Quick Markup for Safari


  • Mark Up: Mark up your image with shape, text, icon and mind mapping information. Create extraordinary notes or presentations.
  • Save Online: You can directly save your work to your own computer, or save it to the cloud to access anywhere.
  • One-click Share: You can choose to publish your work, send the URL to your friends or share to social networking web sites like Facebook.

How to work:

  • Upload: First upload an image from your computer
  • Crop: Select an area of the image and discard everything outside the area.
  • Smudge: The Smudge tool is used to hide your sensitive information.
  • Point: The simplest way to point out a small area.
  • Text: The simplest way to input information. Support multi-line, just press Enter key when typing.
  • Shape:Used to point out a specific area, the rectangle and oval are available.
  • Arrow: Arrows can be used .
  • Curve: The Pencil tool is used to draw free hand lines with a hard edge. The Pen tool is used to draw smooth path.
  • Save or share: Click Save & Share tab on the top, then click Save button. So your image and annotations are saved on Quick Markup server.

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