Download NeoReader – Turns Android Phone Into Barcode Scanner

NeoReader turns your Android phone into a universal barcode scanner, making it easy to connect to the mobile web. It can scans two-dimensional barcodes (like Data Matrix, QR, and Aztec; also known as smart codes) as well as one-dimensional product barcodes. Like other barcode reader, it turns a camera mobile phone into a code scanner and provides one-click access to mobile content. [androidqrcode:] You can simply scans the 2D barcode that appears in magazines, newspapers, billboards, product packages, business card, or any variety of medium, and is directly linked to the multimedia capability of the mobile Web. Download NeoReader from Android Market Universal Product Codes (UPC), better known as barcodes and found on most consumer products, can not be scanned by all mobile phones because the phone’s camera does not focus well enough to allow these types of barcodes to be scanned. To scan UPC codes recommend you use mobile phones with auto-focus.

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