Download Pig Toolbox for Chrome

Pig Toolbox is an extension for Google Chrome with various functions includes Google mail checker, Mouse gestures, User defined shortcuts, Super Drag, Fill login form, Open current URL by IE etc. This extension dramatically will help to save Chrome memory. It provides dictionary,translate etc while you trigger mouse actions or shortcuts on a web page, It will search dictionary by selected word.

Download Pig Toolbox for Chrome


  • Google mail checker
  • Mouse gestures,User defined shortcuts,Super Drag support
  • Super Gesture (You can seamlessly use gesture in all Chrome pages. Windows only)
  • Fill login form
  • Tool menu for Auto-save image on webpage (Windows only)
  • Open current URL by IE (Windows only)
  • Set clipboard image to wallpaper (Windows only)
  • Screenshot page – Screenshot visible part of this page or the entire page.
  • Youtube tools – Search youtube music video lyrics, Repeat play youtube movie or music.
  • Make short URL from long URL –, support
  • Allow right click – Enable right click or context menu when webpages disable it.
  • Change font,color style – Change a page styling (colors, background color, fonts, flash, image etc.)
  • Translate webpage – Web pages are translated directly into the selected language.
  • Current site search,Web search,torrent,mp3 Search support
  • Force tab to front when new tab opened – This is useful when you click mouse middle button.
  • Double click on a tab to close it (Windows only)
  • Scroll mouse wheel on the tab strip to switch tabs (Windows only)
  • Docs(pdf,doc,docx,ppt,pps,tiff) viewer
  • Show/hide Chrome window (Windows only)
  • Run script in webpage, Script editor, User script plugin
  • Block list for Google search
  • Domain information (flag,map support)
  • QR Code Generator
  • Omnibox search (bookmark,history,site search,Web search,torrent,mp3)
  • User configure data export, import support.

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