Download MultiObfuscator – Feature-Rich Cryptography Tool

MultiObfuscator is a feature-rich cryptography tool with seeded random number generator, deniable cryptography, 256 meg of secret file or 256k of secret text (text/email mode), multiple algorithms, data obfuscation, and steganalysis resistance. Includes unique layers of security and obfuscation with 256bit+256bit symmetric-key cryptography with KDF4 password extension, 256bit symmetric-key data scrambling (CSPRNG-based shuffling), 256bit symmetric-key data whitening (CSPRNG-based noise mixing), and adaptive X-square correction.

Download MultiObfuscator 

MultiObfuscator is a professional cryptography tool

  • HW seeded random number generator (CSPRNG)
  • [advt]Deniable cryptography
  • Up to 256Mb of secret file (binary mode)
  • Up to 256Kb of secret text (text/email mode)
  • Whitening selection level
  • Modern multi-cryptography (16 algorithms)
  • Multi-layered data obfuscation (4 passwords)

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