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Leaf Networks does not control the network, it just makes it easy for you to create your own secure private network. The provided service is merely a lookup service so you can find members to add them to your network. The connection you have with your members is a direct connection; there is no middleman between you and the connection with your members.

It is not a VPN provider, it is the connection between user and all other members. As the first Virtual Network Provider, it just offer you the network services and tools so you can easily create your own network.

[advt]Transparent visibility and availability of all networked resources throughout the network was a complex task until Leaf Networks. Leaf Networks allows you to create your own secure private networks with your family and friends and control access to these devices. Members of the network can share not only files and folders, but also all kinds of networked applications and devices. For example, you can share your Xbox console as the game server across your private network and the members you enable can select your game server from within their Xbox console just as if you were attached to the same LAN. You can also share your media servers (such as Windows Media Center) so any one with a digital media receiver that is connected to your network can see your play lists and play your music, pictures and videos directly on their home entertainment center.

Leaf is a software application that makes it easy for you to fully utilize your always-on broadband connection to your home network. Setup and installation is easy

  • The file sharing is like no other file sharing, it is actually folder sharing across the internet.
  • You can always stay connected to your media no matter where you are.
  • Easily stream music directly to your friend’s digital media receiver.
  • Play XBOX and XBOX 360 head-on-head with your friends no matter where they are.

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