Download DeBank – Portable Tool to Check for Trojans

DeBank is a simple portable tool that will quickly check your PC for the presence of the 5 most dangerous banking Trojan families: SpyEye, Zeus, CarBerp, Gozi and Patcher. The program works by scanning the memory of all running processes, looking for chunks of code which belong to each malware variant. This means it’s faster than a conventional hard drive scan, and should also be more accurate.

Download DeBank 

[advt]DeBank comes in the form of a Windows console tool, and is very easy to use. Just launch the program – running it as an administrator in Windows Vista or 7 (right-click, select “Run as administrator”) – and watch. DeBank will keep you up-to-date on its progress, and either give you an all-clear when it’s done, or name the suspect process if it’s found something.

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