Download 15 Films in a Minute With the New Device from Briton’s Bangor University

Briton’s Bangor University has developed a device which will drastically increase the amount of data that can be transmitted – comparable to downloading 15 films a minute. The device, which could cost the consumer no more than current broadband prices, could begin to transform the way we use communications in our homes, making any networked appliance accessible from any location.

Dr Jianming Tang and team at Bangor University’s School of Electronic Engineering, are at the heart of a major research project to bring high-speed networks for all types of home and office environments. This project is funded by European Union.

The new larger and faster capacity networks would revolutionize home entertainment delivering high speed HD films and television, high-power computer games and home video conferencing facilities. This will make remote working far easier and could have many other applications such as supporting older people in their homes, enabling applications such as tele-medicine to flourish.


The research will incorporate the newly invented device, which introduces widely adopted wireless techniques into the optical domain to address the challenges of building the next generation of high-speed home networks. This new device and technique dramatically increases the speed at which information can be transmitted without replacing existing cabling. These networks can then be extended to provide access to different devices within the home.

Hey, you will need to wait until this initial project to demonstrate the cost-effectiveness of the project and market the device! But isn’t a great thing? [source:]

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