Dhanlaxmi Bank Forex Card – Foreign Currency Denominated, Reloadable, Prepaid Card

dhanlaxmi_bank-logoDhanlaxmi Bank Forex Card is a pre-paid traveler’s card that is designed to give you a convenient, secure and hassle-free foreign travel experience. It is a foreign currency denominated, reloadable, prepaid card.

International travellers can now load the card in US Dollars, Great Britain Pounds (GBP) & Euro in India and use it to make purchases at more than 27 million VISA enabled point-of-sale terminals or withdraw cash at any of the 10,00,000 VISA ATMs worldwide.

With Dhanlaxmi Bank Forex Card, overseas travellers have a secure, hassle free and cost-effective option vis-à-vis travellers cheque, international debit and credit card and physical currency notes. The card available over branch counters allow customers the flexibility to conduct transactions at merchant establishments or ATMs, without any additional foreign conversion charges. Customers can change the ATM pin, block or unblock the card, or request for a replacement of lost or stolen card. Apart from viewing online balance availability and transaction history, customers can also avail 24/7 call center facility.

With this card, you can now shop at over 14 million VISA merchant outlets & withdraw foreign exchange from over a million VISA ATMs across the world, so you no longer need to search for Money Changers and banks anymore!

Key features: 

  1. Card available in Dollar, Euro and Pound currencies
  2. Accepted at over 14 Million Merchant outlets & over a million VISA ATM’s across the world
  3. Complete security through the Personal Identification Number (PIN) for ATM transactions
  4. [advt]Facility to reload additional foreign currency for future trips
  5. Refunds through the Bank’s branches & select agents
  6. Round the clock IVR access for balance inquiry, transaction details, for blocking of the card etc.
  7. Dedicated personalized service through our Phone Banking officers for any assistance


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