DbDesc – Free Tool that Document Your Databases

DbDesc is a tool that helps you to document your databases. It can produce detailed documents describing your databases. With dbdesc you are not tied to a specified output format or fixed look, you are in control. DbDesc will use XSLT templates to transform a XML file which holds your database description to get the final documentation. Sample XSLT templates are included to get html, rtf and Word 2003 files.

You can completely customize the output using XSL templates. HTML, RTF, and Word 2003 templates are included. DbDesc has a command line interface that allows you to schedule or integrate the automatic documentation of any database.

Download DbDesc 


  • Table dependency matrix
  • Full extended property editor
  • Include / exclude individual objects
  • Wizard based interface
  • Extensive database info extraction
  • Multidatabase support (currently SQL Server, Ms Access and Firebird)
  • [advt]XML output
  • 2 report engines: a XSL parser and a built-in report engine
  • XSL templates included to generate HTML, RTF and Word 2003 documents
  • Report viewer with integrated search, database index, PDF export.
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Command line support for scheduled runs, continuous intregration, etc
  • Autodiscover SQL Server instances on the network and databases list
  • Select which database objects you want to document

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