Create HTML Help Files Using HelpNDoc (CHM Format)

HelpNDoc is a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get)  tool for creating HTML help files (CHM format) and help web sites. It comes with a built-in word processor for authoring pages within the project.

HelpNDoc provides a clear and efficient interface to build the most amazing html help files without worrying about the inner working of help file generation.


  • No need to know anything about HTML or Help Generation
  • Clear and powerful user interface
  • Full featured word processor, including hyperlinks, tables, images, bullets and numbering
  • Multilingual live spell-checker
  • Automatic generation of Topic IDs, smart warning and error hints
  • Easy node placement via Drag & Drop
  • Fast and easy management of keywords
  • HelpNDoc is free for personal use
  • No ad-ware and no spy-ware included

Download HelpNDoc

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