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gDoc Creator is a free software to convert Word, Excel, and Powerpoint documents to PDF, and also convert PDF documents to Word. gDoc Creator installs right inside MS Office 2003/2007 in the application bar, and can convert Word, Excel and Powerpoint documents to PDF in just one click. Apart from PDF, you can also convert your Word and Excel documents to XPS format. Unlike other free PDF converters, gDoc Creator installs right in the application bar of MS Office 2003/2007, and provides a seamless conversion to PDF from right inside MS Office.

Download gDoc Creator

[advt]A great feature of gDoc Creator is that it can convert PDF docs to Word documents. So, if you want to edit any PDF file, convert that to Word, edit that, and convert back to PDF. With gDoc Creator, you can also password protect your PDF files. gDoc Creator uses strong 128-bit encryption to provide high security. You can password protect your PDF file against viewed, edited, printed, copied, annotated. gDoc Creator can also batch convert documents to PDF. Just open gDoc Creator, and drop the documents to be converted there. You can convert document of any size, and the speed of conversion is pretty fast.

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