Convert and Download Online Videos with Media Converter

Media Converter is an online  video downloader cum video converter. We can download online videos using media converter by directly entering the video URL or by searching YouTube from Media Converter web site and then download from the search result.

You can convert a video from one video format to another using Media Converter. Media Converter add on for Mozilla Firefox allows you to download videos right from the web site which embedd the video.

Download Media Converter Add On For Mozilla Firefox

Media Converter provides free account as well as Premium account. With free service, you can convert 5 files per day, while premium users are allowed to convert unlimited files per day. Free users cannot convert files larger than 100MB. If you sign up, you can convert up to 1GB files. In addition to this, premium paid users will get online storage of 5GB.

How To Download Online Videos Using Media Converter

Enter a Link

If you want to convert a video that is embedded in a website like youtube, you need to choose enter a link option. You can enter direct video URL here. This means you need a link that directly points to the video file and not to a website that contains a video. In this case there are many protools such as HTTP, FTP, RTSP and MMS are supported.

Upload a File

If you want to convert a video that is on your local hard disk you have to choose this option

Browse YouTube

Here you can browse YouTube for a specific video. Enter a search term and select the video you are looking for. Users of the free service can convert 5 files per day. Premium users are allowed to convert unlimited files per day but they can also convert only 5 files per conversion since more files would crash the browser. After conversion they will be able to convert another 5 files.


Supported websites for FREE users


Supported file formats

  • 3g2
  • 3gp
  • asf
  • avi
  • flv
  • m4v
  • mkv
  • mov
  • mp3
  • mp4
  • mpeg
  • ogg
  • ogg
  • rm
  • wav
  • wma
  • wmv

What file format do you need?

Mobiles: Most mobiles support MP3, MP4 and 3GP files but in this case it might be the best to read the manual. The display resolution is also very important since many devices do not play high resolution videos.

Windows: Windows supports only a few file types in its standard configuration. The proprietary file format WMV or WMA will work for sure.

Macs: Try MP3, MP4 or MOV format. The latest operating systems for Macs support many file types so you can choose almost any file type.

Linux: There are so many distributions of Linux with different support for file types. If you use a media player such as VLC you can choose almost any file type. This player is able to play all file formats. Otherwise try MP3 or MPEG.

Advanced Options

With these settings you can change the output quality and a few other things.

Codecs: The audio and video codec specifies, which codec will be used for the output file. You cannot use any codec for any container format. Please read the official file format docs for allowed codec.

Bitrates: The audio and video bitrates affect the quality. A higher value will result in a better quality but also in a larger file size.

Offset and duration: The offset and duration option can be used to extract a specific part of a video or an audio track.

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