Collaborative Task Management Tool – Sandglaz

Sandglaz is a collaborative task management tool that helps you organise all your tasks for home and business. Sandglaz is a free to use web tool for creating to-do lists and sharing them. Sandglaz is that the tasks you type in your lists can include details other than a title.

These details include a description and a due date. By default, your to-do lists have four sections divided according to importance and urgency. You can rename sections any time and can drag tasks from one section to another.


  • Prioritization Simplified: Tasks are grouped into boxes in Sandglaz by importance and how soon you need to complete them. Simply drag and drop tasks between boxes to change their priority
  • Categorize & Resize: Categorize your tasks into grids that can be resized to accomodate the specific needs of each of your projects. Make Sandglaz your one-stop solution for work and home.
  • Fast and Easy To Use: Managing your todos shouldn’t be a chore. We designed Sandglaz to be as fast and simple as using sticky notes or notepad.
  • Mobile: Optimized for your small screen devices so you can easily and comfortably access your tasks from anywhere.
  • Versatile: Not everything in life can be prioritized. Jot down things you want to remember like shopping lists, recipies, useful shortcuts or anything else that comes to mind.
  • Collaborate in Real-Time: Share your grids with others, edit them simultaneously, and Sandglaz will show you the edits as they happen. Now you can spend less time in meetings and more time on well, anything else.


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