CloudContacts – Service Connect Your Business Cards On Social Networks

The CloudContacts service takes your business cards and puts them to use. After receive your business cards, either in the mail or electronically, it turn them into contacts you can import into your email application or mobile phone address book. You can also view your contacts online and export the contacts in a variety of formats. Our service is quicker and easier to use than a business card scanner.

It support exporting to most of the popular email applications including Outlook, Entourage, Thunderbird and Exchange. It provide links where possible to social networking services including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

The process provides accurate data from the business card plus so much more. We hear that many times business card scanners require you to manually fix each card. Also, using the service takes just a few moments, not hours of processing.

It scan, transcribe and connect your business cards on social networks, email services and CRM systems. Unlock the full sales and marketing potential and access your business card contacts from anywhere in the world using the power of the cloud.

CloudContacts Key Features and Benefits

  • [advt]Access your business card contacts from anywhere at any time using our Web interface
  • Integration with CRM applications including SalesForce and 37Signals Highrise
  • Export your business card contacts to your current email application
  • Our generic export works anywhere that accepts a text file (csv/text) import
  • Double verification for accuracy – something no business card scanner can provide
  • Works with the Apple Mac Address Book and iPhone
  • Full backup of your business cards, no worry about loss from fire or theft
  • Where possible, one-click connect to your contacts on business social networks including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Social Connector looks for matches on many popular social networking sites based on the email address on each business card
  • Your business cards can be recycled which helps the environment


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