Cloud Canvas – Make Digital Art, Design Rich Media in Browser

CloudCanvas enables creative people to make digital art, design and other rich media right in the web browser. CloudCanvas is a full featured Creative Suite built directly in the browser using HTML5 technologies. All you need is a Google account to log in.

Users get unlimited storage with our Google Docs integration, access to hundreds of millions of images/videos including their own Picasa and YouTube videos and they can do it all from any device with a modern browser. With Cloud Canvas application, users can mashup any media on the web into a new and interactive digital creative work.

It works inline with Google’s vision of ‘no more hard drives’; with Cloud Canvas you may only save your data to your Google Docs account.

Cloud Canvas permits you to sketch diagrams, design logos and create page layouts and include animation, audio and video. CloudCanvas uses the .svg file format.



Raster graphics:

These are the principles and elements of raster or bitmap graphics.


Vector Graphics:

These are the simple or primitive shapes in which vector graphics are based.

  • ELLIPSES: That includes circles, too.
  • RECTAGLES: That squares fit here as well.
  • POLYGONS: Object with more than 2 straight sides including regular polygons like the octagon or hexagon.
  • LINES: These are straight single lines.
  • POLYLINES: Straight connected lines.
  • CURVES: These are lines bends in them.

Page Layout:

Desktop or “Weptop” publishing capabilities like never before. You place it onthe the page and that;s where it goes.

  • PRE-PRESS: Production of artwork for printing
  • INTERFACE DESIGN: Design a UI for any application
  • FORM DESIGN: Dynamic form creation


Cloud Canvas provides layers.


Take artwork to the next level with advanced filters that easily add depth and dimension.

  • Blur
  • Drop Shadows
  • Bevels

Source Editing:

Get to the source of your files.

  • Edit
  • See what under the hood

Cloud Canvas is available as a Chrome Web App in Chrome Web Store.

Install Cloud Canvas Lite Version Web App for Chrome Browser

CloudCanvas Launch Demo Video


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