– Twitter Based Service and Status Updater is a Twitter based service and status updater. As you may already know, Twitter has what it calls “Retweets,” these Retweets are statuses or Tweets that have been reposted onto someone else’s page or Twitter account. Often times, many businesses and proprietors want their followers or customers to Retweet a message from Twitter that they have previously tweeted, or to tweet a new message they created. It is a service built around tweeting from around the web, but with useful tools attached such click tracking, tweet tracking (Tweet Through Rate), and many more. Take a tour of for more details on what it offers.

[advt]A generation is the term used for a Tweet that is stored here at In general, a generation is a user created URI that stores information such as a “Tweet” (a Twitter status update) that is used as a status update for Twitter. When a generation is created, it is given a unique identifying ID and URI. The URI or link is used to redirect to Twitter and fill the Twitter status box.

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