Parental Control Child-Lock App for Android – AVG Family Center


Many times we wonder how easily and smartly kids play with our latest smartphones, isn’t it! During a serious official discussion or family getotgether, when kids make a lot of noise to seek our attention, giving them a smartphone to play with helps to keep them sit quiet! But it is risky as we have our email and other sensitive data stored in it.

OK, now here is the solution for such situations. Install a Kids’ Protected Home Screen for the phone, thus giving them only those apps they need to access.

AVG Family Center is a one of such a free child-friendly Android app launcher. It helps you protect your child by giving them their own, child-friendly app launcher. This is your child’s safe place to play on your phone. The app launcher restricts your child’s access to only the apps, games, and content that you have approved. AVG Family Center is designed for children 3-9 years old.


The Kid Safe Mode & Child Lock app from AVG Family Center offers a kid safe mode that places your children’s favorite apps and games in one place, their Home Screen. Thus you can child-lock your phone, keeping your kids and your phone in safe mode which prevents deleted texts, accidental ad clicks and expensive in-app purchases.

AVG Family Center doesn’t allow in-app purchases too. You can also set a time limit to how long your kids can play. You have the option to turn on or turn off WiFi and data signal. Family Center disables any ads from the apps and protects children from being redirected to unknown pages.

AVG Family Center is easy to use for kids. It has big icons and colorful graphics. It automatically adds all the kid-friendly apps and games on your phone to the home screen. You can manually add and delete any app.

You may check out the Education section of Google Play Store to find out more of such Apps and Games.

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