CarWoo! – Buy a Car Online without Car Dealer

carwoo_logoCarWoo! is the only “true” way to buy a car online. It is the easiest way to get a great deal on a new car without having to haggle directly with a car dealer. Unlike other sites that claim to be “hassle-free”, CarWoo!  Doesn’t give your name, email, or phone number to dealers until you’re ready to buy and actually does the legwork for you.

CarWoo! does not insert into the specific transaction in any way. It does not take a commission from either the buyer or the seller. It does not provide specific advice regarding the transaction to the buyer or seller. It ensures full transparency, buyer privacy, clear and open communication between the buyer and seller and a fun and easy way for buyers and sellers to work with each other. The actual transaction occurs at the dealership. Buyers pay only for the convenience of using the CarWoo! portal.

[advt]Once you’ve received an offer you really like, you accept it, at which point it connect you with the dealer. Then all that’s left to do is go to the dealership, present your CarWoo! Claim Certificate, sign some paperwork, and drive off in your brand new car.

CarWoo! charges a small fee so that dealers know you are serious about buying a car. Once dealers know you’re serious they’ll treat you better and give you a better deal.


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