Bubbl.us – Online Mind-Mapping Application

Bubbl.us is an online mind-mapping application that allows users to create mind maps, which consist of “bubbles” with text in them connected by lines. Users can easily create new bubbles, add text to them, change their color and size. Connections between bubbles are added automatically when a new bubble is created, or can be added manually between other bubbles. The user can collaborate on their mind maps with other users by inviting them to join Bubbl.us.

Mind maps can also be easily shared by emailing them to friends. In addition, mind maps can be embedded into the user’s website. The user can zoom in or out using the scroll wheel on their mouse, and can pan around the mind map by clicking on a blank spot and dragging. It can be joined by dragging and dropping.

Bubbles are automatically positioned when created, but can be moved by “unpinning” them and dragging them to the new location. Very sophisticated mind maps with many cross-connections between bubbles can be created. Mind maps can be saved and later edited at any time, and can also be saved in the form of an image.


  • [advt]Create mind maps consisting of a number of interconnected Bubbles containing text
  • Entirely browser based editor is easy to use
  • User can control the size and color of bubbles and their arrangement on the page
  • Bubbles can be cross-connected
  • Other users can collaborate on mind maps
  • Mind maps can be easily shared or embedded in the user’s website

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