bluePen editor – Online Visual CSS Editor

BluePen is a visual CSS editor and a web developer tool which makes stylesheet editing for runs in different browser. After you install bluePen on your website, click the start button on the top right corner. The current view (DOM) is freezed and you can start editing the state. During editing, all the modifications take effect only in your browser unless you save them.

Download bluePen

BluePen is an application that runs in a browser. First, load the desired website you wish to edit, then click on the bluePen START button. Now, the website remains in it’s current state and the editor gets loaded from another server. The uploaded bluePen local file is taking care of finalising your modifications.


  • Fast and easy editing
  • Higher efficiency
  • Productivity boost
  • True WYSIWYG editor
  • Easy to install
  • Small footprint on the client’s server
  • Automatic updates

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