Loop Mobile Blackberry Internet Services Tariff & Plans

You can send and receive emails and attachments using your Blackberry from Loop mobile. Blackberry Internet services can integrate POP3/IMAP accounts and with the push mail technology from Blackberry, you never need to miss any important messages and mails of your dear ones.

Loop mobile offers the following plans for its customers in India.

Unlimited BIS Bundle: With the BIS Bundle plan, you can enjoy easy access of upto 10 POP/IMAP accounts like Yahoo, Gmail, Rediffmail. You also get Instant messenger, Browsing, Social networking applications like Facebook and Twitter and Blackberry App World, the one-stop destination for all Blackberry applications. The Unlimited BIS bundle package is available for Rs 999/month.

Limited BIS Bundle: With the limited BIS bundle, you get 500KB free data transfer and 10p/1kb for additional usage. Features provided include access upto 10 personal email accounts like Gmail, Yahoo etc, Instant messaging applications like Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, Windows Live Messenger and BlackBerry Instant messenger. The Limited BIS bundle package is available for Rs 499/month.

BlackBerry Internet Services (BIS) Intro: BIS Intro from Loop mobile is available for Rs 999 for unlimited data usage. The scheme is also available for Rs 499 for 500 KB free data usage.

BlackBerry Internet Services (BIS) Mail & Messaging

With the BIS Mail & Messaging services, you can access up to 10 business/personal email accounts and Instant messaging services including Windows Live, GTalk, Yahoo and BlackBerry Instant Messenger.

Tariff plans for BIS Mail & Messaging

BIS Mail & Messaging – Rs 299/month (Prepaid Plan)

BIS Mail & Messaging – Rs 10/day (Prepaid Plan)

BIS Mail & Messaging – Rs 299/month (Postpaid plan)

BlackBerry Internet Services (BIS) Unlimited

With the BIS unlimited plan from loop mobile, you can access up to 10 business/personal emails, instant messaging services and unlimited internet browsing. The tariff for the BIS Unlimited plan is given below:

Tariff – postpaid

BIS Unlimited – Rs 799/month

BIS499 – Rs.499 Per Month (500KB Free thereafter 10ps./kb)

BIS799 – Rs.799 Per Month (Unlimited)

BIS Super Saver – 12 Month Pack – Rs.7200

BIS Super Saver – 6 Month Pack – Rs.4200

BlackBerry Mail & messaging services (Prepaid)

The prepaid service is available for Rs 271 per month for unlimited BlackBerry mail and messaging services. Facilities provided in the plan include Email Access (upto 10 POP3/IMAP email accounts with attachment viewing), Instant Messaging (Yahoo, Gtalk, Windows Live, BlackBerry Messenger), MMS facility etc. The plan does not include Social networking and web browsing

How to activate Blackberry Mail & Messaging in Loop mobile?

For activating the service via SMS, you can send ‘BBMAIL’ to 50505. To deactivate the plan (Unsubscribe), you need to send an SMS ‘UNSUBLITE’ to 50505.

BlackBerry enterprise solutions for business

The BlackBerry enterprise solution from Loop mobile is meant for organizations who want wireless email and enterprise applications with advanced security and hands-on control features. The enterprise features makes it easier to keep large organizations always connected and provides a collaborative work environment.

Tariffs for BlackBerry enterprise solutions

For unlimited data usage, the tariff is Rs 899/month and for 500 KB free data usage, the tariff is Rs 499/month. Additional usage charges will be 10p/1KB.

For the enterprise scheme, Loop mobile offers BlackBerry 8310 smartphone for Rs 24,990

Which BlackBerry smartphones are available with Loop Mobile?

Currently the following models are available: BlackBerry Curve 8900, BlackBerry 8520, BlackBerry 9000, BlackBerry 9520 and BlackBerry 9700.

How can i get a BlackBerry smartphone from Loop mobile?

You can send an email at [email protected]. You can also call mobile Assist (50800) or make a call at 9821099800. BlackBerry smartphones are also available through Loop mobile stores/mobile shop.

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