BillsTrust – Pay and Store All Your Business and Personal Bills

BillsTrust will pay and store all your business and personal bills. It is for busy and active people who have better things to do with their lives than having to remember when to pay bills. Many people these days get on average 12 bills a month, and depending on your interests and whether you own investments, this number can increase leading to hassles and headaches when it comes to paying the bills. BillsTrust’s priority is ensuring you maintain a healthy relationship with your billers, so it will contact them to clarify their preferred payment and remittance methods.

[advt]It provides one payment system for any bill, whether handwritten, printed or emailed. Online document storage of all your bills in one place, search and print any bill 24/7. It set payment delays for any bill to maximize your cash flow. Suppliers can email bills to your BillsTrust account directly, and then simply approve the payment.

If you own a scanner, you can scan your bills and email them to your secure email drop box, which you can authorize for payment later; or alternatively you can attach a special personalized barcoded sticker that is unique to your account and serves as a bill pre-authorized to be paid. If you choose to fax your bills, you’ll need to also use a personalized barcoded sticker that is unique to your account your can use any fax machine that’s available to you.

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