BFilter – Block Ads using Portable Filtering Web Proxy Server

bfilter logoBFilter is a filtering web proxy. It was originally intended for removing banner advertisements. It detects web ads heuristically as opposed to using blacklists, which results in much more consistent behavior. It doesn’t load the whole page before processing.

Bfilter is available under the GPL, cross platform, can be used with any browser.It can be run from a flash drive. You can import the Adblock Plus “blacklist” via a pearl script.


  • HTTP/0.9 – HTTP/1.1, WebDAV support.[advt]
  • Persistent connections (HTTP/1.1 only).
  • Pipelining (HTTP/1.1 only).
  • HTTP compression.
  • Forwarding to another proxy (HTTP and SOCKS proxies).
  • A built-in javascript engine.
  • Heuristic Flash analyzer.
  • Ability to apply regular expressions to a page.
  • Blacklists, whitelists, hint lists.
  • All processing is done on the fly.

Download Bfilter

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