BeatBlaster Remote – Wirelessly Connect Your Tablet Using Bluetooth

BeatBlaster Remote app that connects wirelessly with your tablet over Bluetooth.  BeatBlaster is an impressively styled and featured music player for iPad users which can be used to turn your good looking iPad into a good looking hifi system. Complete with a graphic equalizer, turntable and more, this is a serious music app for the serious music fan. The only thing that could improve the app would be the addition of a remote control – and this is exactly what BeatBlaster Remote is.

BeatBlaster Remote leaves you free to lie back on the sofa while you listen to music, and control the playback of music. In reality there are not a huge number of options to work with, but as this is nothing more than a remote control app, it would not be right to expect too much from it.

At its most basic, the app can be used to skip back and forth between tracks, switch between radio and music mode as well as adjusting volume. But there is also support for gestures which can be used to gain greater control of the main BeatBlaster app on your iPad.

From BeatBlaster Remote you can swipe to view the controller or turntable on your iPad or swipe to switch to the speaker or library view. The look of the app ties in nicely with the main iPad app – and this means that it is stylish and well designed. It is important to note that this is a remote control app that has been designed solely for use with BeatBlaster – it cannot be used to control the playback of any other media apps.

Download BeatBlaster Remote
BeatBlaster for iPad

  • Equalizer and speaker (based on the track’s volume)
  •  Background support (iPod and web radio)
  •  Search your iPod library by song, artist or album
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  • Browse web radios by type or search by artist or keyword.
  •  Put a web radio in the “favorite” section to launch it faster.
  •  AirPlay support

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