Automatically Copy Text Selected With Mouse Using AutoClipX Free

AutoClipX automatically copies any text you select with your mouse to the Windows clipboard. You can then quickly paste what you have copied by clicking a mouse button. AutoClipX runs quietly in the system tray while you work as usual.  It can be used in USB port.


Some of the features are:

  • Super easy to use
  • Automatically disable auto-copy function for specified windows
  • Quickly enable/disable AutoClipX by clicking the tray icon or setting a hotkey.
  • Disable AutoClipX only while a specified hotkey is pressed
  • Optional display of tool tips to let you know when something is copied or the clipboard was cleared
  • Option to configure mouse buttons to paste and/or clear the clipboard – they can even be the same button!
  • Ignore small mouse movements (configurable)
  • Delay adjustments for various options
  • Option to start with Windows

Download AutoClipX

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