Auto Expense manager – Free Vehicle Expense Management Software

Auto Expense manager is free vehicle expense management software to keep track of the vehicle related expenditures and statistical data like the amount of distance traveled, fuel consumed etc. It would come in handy for those companies that maintain a large fleet of vehicles, especially travel organizing companies and a few other companies that handle logistics and transport.

The advantage with Auto Expense manager is that the user can keep track of unlimited number of vehicles and trips that they make. It is available for download on Auto Expense Manager’s official website and the installer file is just about 3 MB in size. The installation is extremely simple and quick.

Download Auto Expense manager 


  • Keep track of business trips and expense reporting for each of the trips made.
  • Gasoline expenses, Oil changes, Tyre changes and expenses.
  • [advt]Spare parts and automobile consumable expenses incurred at the end of trips.
  • Auto log, trip log and the vehicle expense log etc., can also be maintained.
  • Recording a schedule of all vehicle trips taken during a period of time.
  • Report generation for tax computation purposes etc.,
  • Separate windows for vehicle searching and browsing, yearly schedule, daily schedule, trip reports are available.

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