Locate Lost or Stolen Mobile Device with Android Device Manager

Losing the electronic gadgets has been a headache for many. Now Android had announced that it is going to launch an application for locating the lost/stolen/misplaced device, named Android Device Manager. This service will be available later this month on devices running Android 2.2 or above. To use the service, users need to be sign into their Google Account.

The app works in such a way that to locate a misplaced device had never been so easy. If a user ended up dropping the phone between couch cushions or some other difficult-to-reach places, Android Device Manager lets the user quickly ring the phone at maximum volume. The app lets the user find the phone with ease, even if its silent.

If the phone/tablet is really “missing”, say, lost at some restaurant/theater or any other hangout place, the user can locate it on a map in real time. If the phone cannot be found at the place where the user lost it, then he can protect his personal information and data from getting into a stranger’s hands.

Losing the phone is painful, but the Android Device Manager can help user keep their data from ending up in the wrong hands. If the phone is irrecoverable or has been stolen, the user can quickly and securely erase all of the data on their device.

image courtesy: Android

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