Digital Media Store by Alcatel-Lucent : Features & Benefits

Alcatel-Lucent’s Digital Media Store will allow leading digital media company Percept Knorigin to deliver its multimedia content to consumers across India on their Mobile Phones, Tablets, PCs and TVs.

Digital Media Store (DMS) is an end-to-end hosted and managed digital media store service that empowers service providers to capitalize on the thriving content market. DMS enables discovery and retailing of digital media, including applications, e-books, games, music, video and more… through a consistent, optimized user experience across all connected devices.

Digital Media Store (DMS) allows operators to monetize content and create compelling, optimized content services. DMS enables operators to deliver device-, content- and network-aware content offers.

With DMS managed and hosted service, operators can provide a broad range of out-of-the-box multiscreen digital media retail offerings with a short time-to-market.


  • Delivers market-ready services across devices
  • Enables increased revenue from better marketing and merchandizing
  • Incorporates a complete ecosystem, including media content, and thereby offers a true end-to-end service
  • Leverages the Alcatel-Lucent Multi-Screen Foundation solution, which brings the enablers required to build compelling new services: multimedia, communications, identity and payment
  • Creates a flexible framework for efficient collaboration with application developers, content providers, brands and the media industry at large


  • Multi-content stores, for example, e-books, applications, games and music, on a single storefront
  • Support for a wide range of connected devices
  • E-book stores, including: automated publisher’s workflow, multi-device support (smartphone, dedicated eReader, smartbook, PC, TV ), smart discovery (browse categories, read overviews, preview selected chapters, search with partial text) and multi-content support (e-books, ezines, and so on)
  • Application stores, including: developer portal and developer APIs provided through Application Enablement Suite, merchandizing (bundled offers, external developer item wrap and down charging), a large ecosystem of applications and developer communities, and analytics
  • Music stores, including: the ability to stream and download tracks, smart media delivery, built-in promotional tools, a 7-million music track catalog with metadata, and popular device clients[source]


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