Airwriting – Writing without Keyboard!

Typing text messages on the mobile phone via the tiny soft keyboard is very cumbersome. How about simply writing it into the air! This idea drove the development of “airwriting” made by computer scientists of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Germany.

Computer Scientists of KIT has received the “Google Research Award” for their research in the area of mobile gesture based interfaces – “Airwriting” – Input Device for Three-dimensional Writing in Air.

With the Airwriting technology, sensors attached to a glove record hand movements, a computer system captures relevant signals and translates them into text. These are computer systems worn like clothes, which can be integrated seamlessly into the everyday life of the user.

Acceleration sensors and gyroscopes are attached to the thin glove. These very small, mobile, and robust sensors record the movements of the hand and transmit them to a computer system via a wireless connection. The computer system first checks whether the user is indeed writing. “All movements that are not similar to writing, such as cooking, doing laundry, waving to someone, are ignored. The system runs in the background without interpreting every movement as computer input. During writing, the airwriting system decodes the letters by a pattern recognition method. [source]

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