Airtel World SIM – Local Number While Roaming Abroad, Cheaper

Airtel World SIM is a unique prepaid SIM card for international travelers to receive incoming calls on your India Airtel number and still save up to 85%. Airtel World SIM can be used across 150+ countries and there is no need to change your SIM for every country that you visit. You can buy the Airtel World SIM while still in India. You can also make outgoing calls across the world and in the country you are in at a fraction of international calling rates.

With the Airtel World SIM, there is no pain of informing your new international number to friends and family back home and no need to change your SIM for every country you visit. Airtel World SIM is available only in Delhi NCR for now. The service will be available for cell phones of other cities soon.

Airtel World SIM customer care numbers are 1800-102-9933 (India) and 022-4171-0000 (Abroad). Email: [email protected] and wesbite

The SIM is priced Rs 500. One minute call from USA to India on roaming will be Rs 41 while incoming calls will be Rs 10 per minute. The new World SIM will have a new number and it will be linked to your local number through forwarding facility, which makes sure that you can continue to use your old SIM and number.


Just before leaving abroad, using your India Airtel SIM, send SMS AWS A to 58125 to activate your service. This would instantly activate your AIRTEL WORLD SIM. However, please note that you would be unable to use your India Airtel SIM once your AIRTEL WORLD SIM is activated, hence activation should be done just before departure from the Airport. If you would like to activate the AIRTEL WORLD SIM at a particular time then send the following SMS AWS A hh:mm. You would need to specify the time (IST) at which you want the service to be activated in hh:mm format. On successful activation, you would receive a confirmatory SMS. Post purchase of your AIRTEL WORLD SIM you should receive a confirmatory SMS as well as a password for your online account on

On arrival, insert the activated AIRTEL WORLD SIM in phone, select country profile and start talking. For USA – select “US Profile”, for Italy – Select “Prime Profile” and for All other Countries – Select “Global Profile”. Remember, in case you select incorrect country, the call charges will be higher than normal tariff.

To make outgoing calls, dial the country code (e.g. +91 or 0091), followed by the destination number (mobile or land line) and wait for 10–15 seconds. You will get a ring back, accept the call, you will be now connected to the destination number. For India calling, you can use your phone book, however, please ensure that the phone number is saved with India country code i.e. 091 or +91.

To get AIRTEL WORLD SIM, you require: Airtel SIM (Pre-paid/Postpaid), passport size photograph, photocopy of passport, photocopy of visa /air tickets (for countries with visa on arrival), Local Address Proof – If your current address is different from the address provided in the passport, you would need to provide Ration card/ telephone bill/electricity bills or property tax.

To buy the AIRTEL WORLD SIM or teh Recharge Voucher, walk into a Airtel Relationship centre or nearby Airtel outlet or Kiosks at international airports or call home delivery call 1800 102 9933.

To recharge your AIRTEL WORLD SIM, you can either go for voucher recharge or a credit card. While in India, buy a recharge voucher from a retail outlet. Type “AWS R <16 digit recharge pin number>” and send it to 58125 from your India Airtel SIM. Or get your friend to buy it if you are abroad. Ask him to type “AWS R <16 digit PIN number> and SMS to 58125 from his Airtel number. You can as well logon to the World SIM portal and recharge with your credit card.

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