Airtel Money – Pay Using Your Mobile Wallet (Mcommerce Services)

airtel money is a service offering from airtel Mcommerce Services Limited (AMSL) that allows you to load cash into your mobile and pay for just about anything: from a grocery store to a shopping mall or eating out with friends.


  • Deposit cash: You can store cash on your airtel mobile by just depositing it at your nearest retail outlet.
  • Pay Bills & Recharge: You will be able to use this cash in your mobile for making bill payments (telecom, electricity, gas, insurance premium, financial services, etc.) and recharge (mobile, DTH) all through your mobile phone.
  • Shop at merchants: You can also use your airtel money wallet for making payments at Over-the-counter (OTC) merchants such as your nearest kirana store, food outlet, chemist, etc.
  • Shop sitting at home: You can also pay sitting at home for services like booking movie tickets, travel tickets,or shop online at rediff and indiatimes, etc.
Do Don’t
Keep a track of transactions by checking your latest transactions through airtel money SIM application. Disclose your mPIN, name, address, parent details or transaction details to any unauthorised person.
Change you mPIN on regular basis. Write your mPIN or save your mPIN on mobile phone.
Escalate to helpdesk in case you notice any fraudulent/ suspicious activity on your account. Handover your account to anyone else for use.
Immediately change your mPIN after activation of your airtel money account. Lend your identity/ address documents and airtel money SIM to anyone else.
Always block your mobile/ airtel money account if you loose your mobile phone. Disclose your mPIN while surfing net on mobile. Do not download content from unauthorized websites.
Keep your mPIN secret and do not disclose it to anyone, including, employees of the company. Do not fall for easy baits like free talktime, prize money, increase in airtel money limit/ balances etc.


Discover the benefits like never before now while paying through airtel money!

Convenience: Save time, Effort and money. Now pay bills, recharge your account or book movie/ air/ train tickets whenever you want from wherever you want. What’s more..You don’t even need to remember the last date or go to physical locations for paying your bills. Now isn’t that something!

Control:Have complete control over your airtel money account. Now you can keep track of how much money there is, know where you spent it and when you spent it.

Safety & Security: Knock that risk of theft and loss out of life through airtel money. Your airtel money is completely secure on your phone – infact it remains secure even if you lose your mobile phone! So who needs cash when you have all you need loaded in your phone?

Easy to Use: airtel money is all about making life easy and effortless. Using it is just as simple as making a call or sending an SMS from your mobile phone.


You will be able to use the following channels for accessing airtel money services:[advt]

SIM Application:

  • You can access the airtel money application residing on your airtel SIM card.
  • Register for airtel money by just creating your 4-digit secure mPIN password for authorizing transactions and loading cash.
  • Make payments to billers and merchants by paying from your airtel money account

Interactive Voice Response:

  • You can call 12121 (toll free) from your airtel mobile phone.
  • Register for airtel money by just creating your 4-digit secure mPIN password for authorizing transactions and loading cash.
  • Make payments to billers and merchants by paying from your airtel money account.

How does it work?

You’ll never run out of money when your mobile phone conveniently turns into your very own wallet. Go on pay all your bills with comfort and ease.

Mobile Payment: You can go to the airtel money application on your SIM card and select the merchant to which you want to make the payment. You need to authorize all transactions (payments, account enquiry etc.) by entering your 4-digit mPIN password. You will receive a SMS receipt after payment completion. In case of payments to over the counter (OTC) merchants the merchant will also receive SMS receipt on their mobile phone.

How to Get Airtel Money?

Customer Registration

Step 1: Exchange your existing SIM for a new 64K airtel money enabled SIM

  • Go to the nearest airtel money retailer and fill up a SIM change request form, submit a photocopy of your proof-of-identity and proof-of-address documents.
  • Activation of the new SIM may take up to 4 hours. Your existing SIM will work until the new one is activated. Please insert your new SIM once the existing SIM is deactivated. You will receive an SMS alert when that happens.

Step 2: Register for airtel money service

Fill in the airtel money application form and submit it to the retailer along with a photograph and a photocopy of your proof-of-identity and proof-of-address documents.

Step 3: Load money into your airtel money account

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