AIM Integrated to Google Talk Chat with Single Sign On

AIM_logoGoogle and AOL (America Online) integrated their chat applications Google Talk and AIM (AOL Instant Messenger), and rolled out integrated AIM-Google Talk chat which allows AIM users can now send messages to their Google contacts and vice versa. Instead of signing into AIM from Gmail, you can now connect directly to AIM Usernames with your Gmail address. You will need to add your AIM buddies to your Gmail contacts in order to continue chatting with them in Gmail.

Google Talk LogoOnce you sign into your Gmail account you can add AIM contacts directly into Gmail just like you would add a Gmail or Google Talk contact. Your AIM buddies will populate your Contacts list, and are searchable just like your Google Talk contacts.

AOL has now made it possible to chat with AOL contacts across a variety of Google services: not just Gmail, but also iGoogle, Orkut, and Google Talk on Android phones.

[advt]If you chat with AIM buddies in Gmail, you’ll notice a few changes. First, you’ll no longer need an AIM account to connect to your friends using AIM. Instead you’ll be able to add your AIM buddies just like you add Gmail contacts to your chat list: using their AOL screennames (for example, [email protected]). AIM users will now also be able to add Google contacts to their AIM chat clients.


Second, you will no longer be able to sign into your AIM account from within Gmail chat since you can now add AIM contacts directly. And lastly, if you previously had a lot of AIM contacts and don’t want to re-add them to your chat list one by one, AOL has created a tool to import your AIM buddies into your Gmail account.[source]

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