AdWhirl – Tool for Developper to Get Ad from Multiple Adnetwork

AdWhirl is a free, open source tool that helps you make more money from your iPhone or Android app. It enables you to serve ads in your app from any number of ad networks as well as your own house ads. By using multiple networks, you can determine which perform best for you and optimize accordingly to maximize your revenue and fill your entire inventory. It’s a necessary component of a healthy mobile ecosystem. Use the AdWhirl technology to display ads from different ad networks in your Android and iPhone applications.

Download AdWhirl SDK for Android

Download AdWhirl SDK for iPhone

[advt]It allows mobile developers to quickly switch between mobile ad networks without having to update their applications, has just given developers even more flexibility: they can now include as many ad networks as they want, including both the default built-in set of networks and any other networks they want to integrate themselves.

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