Add a Personalized Signature on any Email – Download WiseStamp

WiseStamp Email Apps enable users to transform their emails into a powerful self expression and promotional tool. WiseStamp Email Apps bring your emails to life in Gmail, Google Apps, Hotmail, AOL, Thunderbird etc . Share your Social profiles and information you care about in your gmail & webmail signatures.

For users WiseStamp Email Apps enable you to easily customize your email signatures with your personal social profiles and allows you to add to each outgoing email dynamic content such as your latest eBay item, recent blog post, your latest tweet or a cause to promote. The recipients of your email will see the updated content of the Email App and will be able to also interact with it directly from the email (e.g. retweet or follow in the Twitter App or buy in the eBay App).

Email Apps enable publishers to enjoy an effective distribution channel as well as the ability to constantly engage users with their own brand and content beyond the boundaries of their websites. Email Apps are a powerful engagement and user retention tool.

Empower your emails with email apps:

  • Link your Social Profiles – Facebook, Google+ plus Twitter, Linkedin, Skype
  • Promote your latest eBay item, Blog post, Twitter tweets or Facebook
  • Share your Funny Quotes, Green Footers, Legal disclaimers, Good causes
  • Add your Company logo, use Multiple (personal and business) signatures

Download  WiseStamp for Firefox


  • Create multiple Email signatures
  • Easy setup & configuration interface (in your webmail Gmail, Google Apps..etc)
  • Switch Signatures withing your gmail , yahoo, aol, hotmail email editors
  • Personally designed signatures for gmail, google Apps Thunderbird signature etc..
  • Automatic gmail & email signature insertion
  • Social services easily link your gmail email signature with ( Facebook , Twitter, Linkedin, Google plus) & IM (Google talk , Skype, QQ)
  • Gmail, google mail and webmail users – the power of a truly dynamic webmail signature is finally at your fingertips.
  • WiseStamp supports – Gmail, Google mail, Google Apps, Yahoo! Mail, live Webmail, Hotmail, AOL, Thunderbird signature and more

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