Achuthanandan Promises 5000 IT Jobs in a Year!

After the first cabinet meeting of V S Achuthanandan ministry of Kerala last night, V S promised 5000 Information Technology jobs in Kerala within a year.

Even I can make such an easy statements, because as long as his government does not do any harm to the current IT industry in the state, there will be more growth than just 5000 jobs. smiling

With companies like U S Technologies and Infosys Technologies in Technopark and companies in InfoPark are planning for aggressive growth, this number will be met. Government has already handed over land to U S Technologies (35 acres) and Infosys (50 acres) near the Technopark, which makes the companies expand big time, provided the new ministry extend at least the same help Chandy government provided.

Also, the new building Thejaswini in Technopark is getting completed within 6 months, and all the spaces is already rented to big companies. So there will be more jobs for IT professionals. This does not mean that all the jobs are for Keralites. I sincerely hope that VS will not make unwanted statements about the IT industry like what Deva Gowda did in Bangalore!

All he needs to do is, listen to his well educated IAS officers, take advice from people in the IT field, and not to make unwanted statements! Rest is assured for at least the slow growth of IT industry in Kerala, rather than killing the growth.

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