Acerose Password Vault – Download Free Password Manager

Acerose Password Vault organize and keep all your passwords safely and securely. The multiple action launch allows to launch a web page and copy the corresponding password to the clipboard with a single click, as well as clear the clipboard after a selectable delay. Acerose Password Vault includes a built-in cryptographic quality password generator.

The auto manager feature allows many users to run the Acerose Password Vault program from a single network location. You can sort all the passwords by any of the six columns just by clicking on the column’s heading. It create strong passwords easily with a cryptographic quality password generator.

With Acerose Password Vault you only need to remember one strong password or passphrase to open the vault file. This frees you to use strong automatically generated passwords for all your other needs.


  • Secure storage of passwords
  • Selectable Tray options
  • Import and export tab or comma delimited files

Download Acerose Password Vault

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