9870807070 SMS Channel – Max Messages Per Day, Indic Languages

Google SMS Channel With Google SMS Channels, you can receive 10 messages each day. You can increase this limit, by going to the ‘Settings’ link and entering a number you are comfortable with against ‘Maximum messages per day:

At Google SMS Channel, you can post messages in Indian languages (Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, Tamil, and Malayalam). The mobile handset of the subscribers should support Unicode and ASCII characters in order for them to be able to read it.

Do Not Disturb (DND) feature
If you do not wish to receive SMS then send one of the following commands ‘dndon‘ OR ‘donotdisturb’ OR ‘nodisturb’ to 9870807070.

If you want to start receiving SMS and had previously set the DND on, then send a SMS with ‘dndoff‘ to 9870807070. [source: google help]

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