7capture – High Quality Screen Capture Software

7Captur 7capture is a fast and easy high-quality screen capture software that works with rounded borders and window transparency effects. It also enables export to semi-transparent PNG, JPEG, GIF or BMP image.

7Capture removes the background of the window before it takes the screenshot. 7capture will list all open windows on startup with the option to refresh the display so that windows that are opened after starting the screenshot program are displayed in the list as well.

The screenshot taking process begins with the selection of the window the screenshot should be taken of. A click on the Capture button will capture the window and display the captured image in a preview window.[advt]

There are no controls in that window other than being able to scroll up or down if the screenshot that has been taken is larger than the 7Capture window and to save the screenshot to the local computer system.

With 7capture Screenshots taken can be saved in various formats including jpg and png. There is furthermore no way to change the quality settings of the screenshots

It lacks additional functionality especially keyboard shortcuts and options to take non-window screenshots like those that only take a region on the screen or screenshots of scrolling windows.

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