Zokem – View the Consumer Behavior and Mobile Usage in 24/7

Zokem provides a 360-degree view on consumer behavior and mobile usage through holistic on-device measurements, opening a real-time window into consumers’ lives both online and offline. Zokem sits in people’s pockets, interpreting people’s life and mobile usage, 24/7.

With Zokem you can measure consumer behavior and activities in different contexts and locations, track application usage and changes in consumption during or after campaigns, enable technical measurements, such as network coverage and signal strength, or ask real-time questions from your audience through mobile pop-up questionnaires. View our concept to learn more.

Zokem Mobile Insights publishes periodically take-aways from around the world, showcasing different dimensions of consumer data, for example how people consume mobile content and use their devices, applications and services both online and offline.

Whether you are interested in extending your panel to mobile or simply seeking to cut costs of running panels; taking the next step in monetizing on strategic consumer insights, or improving and benchmarking your products, we make sure our solutions fit your needs.


  • [advt]Track every visited web site and total face time, and cellular and Wifi usage
  • Identify application downloads and usage, measure media downloads and streaming
  • Tap into trends of mobile content consumption
  • Understand how people access and engage with the mobile Internet
  • Benchmark holistically against competition
  • Define “segments of o


  • Collect subjective feedback right at the spot when experiences are fresh in mind
  • Learn how, where and when smartphones are used, and by whom
  • Spot top features & untapped potential, measure stickiness
  • Get hard data for R&D and product positioning purposes
  • Measure usage of camera, GPS, video recorder, sound recorders, music player, profiles, app stores, user interfaces, Wifi, etc.


  • Identify top downloads, measure stickiness and face time
  • Compare usage of native/java apps vs. mobile web, analyze usage patterns
  • Get insights on perceived satisfaction on usability, measure loyalty 24/7
  • Identify the right platforms for your products
  • Benchmark against competition
  • Improve in-app advertising and segmentation strategies


  • Learn about location hotspots and movement patterns of your audience
  • Utilize behavioral segments based on insights of life patterns
  • Plan efficient campaigns based on “segments of one”, predict people’s behavior
  • Deploy contextual marketing that adds value to your audience
  • Enable real-time advertising based on people’s historical and current context


  • Track the communication methods people are using in different contexts, including voice, sms, mms, email, social networking
  • Provide a venue to express opinions right when they arise
  • Identify alpha-users and opinion leaders
  • Optimize marketing efforts by targeting the right people in the right context
  • Quantify social life, how wide are social networks, who talks to whom, who sees whom


  • Utilize insights on people’s preferences towards content
  • Measure the music people are listening to and top played songs
  • Rank the video clips, radio channels, movies and TV channels as well as sites that catch the most eyeballs
  • Publish statistics of mobile media consumption
  • Identify how people use mobiles in accessing multimedia content


  • Predict what people will be doing next
  • Build a real-time access to your audience
  • Collect subjective feedback right at the spot
  • Observe changes in people’s lives, and build dynamic models to explore life-styles
  • Capture people’s feelings and perceptions from real-life
  • See when people are sleeping vs. awake, know their presence

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