Zebronic Nitro Portable Stereo Speakers for Music Mobile Phones

Zebronics announced the launch of its portable stereo speaker system “Nitro” for music based mobile phones. It has a stereo sound output with a total power wattage of 5W RMS.

The Nitro has a rechargeable Li-ion battery that provides up to two hours of continuous music listening. The battery can be recharged directly from any computer or from a Mini USB wall charger. Nitro functions while charging also, so it can be used as a music dock for the mobile phone for music playback.

The Nitro has a 3.5 mm standard connector.  The Nitro features a SD/MMC card reader using which it can play songs directly from a memory card. Nitro has a built-in FM radio with an inbuilt FM radio receiver.

The Nitro is priced Rs 950 and has a warranty of one year.

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