Zbang – Integrates All Online Activity Into a Single Place

Zbang integrates all your online activity into a single place, allowing you to seamlessly work across different platforms, without having to flip from one site to the other.

By using Zbang’s interface, you can share your digital content with your friends via social media venues and collaborate with colleagues.

Join the growing Zbang community to enjoy a simple, intuitive and effortless experience.

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[advt]Zbang is an innovative developer of integrated online communication applications. The Zbang platform offers users one place to connect, share, and collaborate with your friends, family, and colleagues. It offers a cross-application platform that allows for boundless communication, centralization of content, and integration of contacts.

Zbang allows users to control, manage, and communicate among all their content worlds and contacts in a simple and efficient way.

Zbang saves you the time and effort of constant flipping from one site to another and potentially missing out on important information. Through Zbang, users get centralized and secured access to all their data and means to communicate from their computers, handheld devices, or flash drives (disks-on-key).

Manage your email and social network activity from one place. Zbang lets you control all contacts on social network sites and your email from a single location. ZBANG integrated Inbox lets you monitor your emails, Facebook, and Twitter updates on a single page without having to flip between different screens, windows, and passwords.

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