YouTube Leanback Launched – Watch Youtube on Your TV

YouTube has officially rolled out the full release of YouTube Leanback, the “lean back on your couch and watch the video” version. It is designed for 10-foot viewing on TVs.

YouTube Leanback provides a simplified, less-cluttered and easy-to-personalize YouTube experience and interface, offering simple keyboard commands, an advanced search interface, and a visual UI for browsing through YouTube clips and shows. The interface removes the comments and many other distracting visuals while making important features easily accessible.

Users can search for videos, comment, list videos as favorites, and copy the video’s HTML code and embed it elsewhere on the Web.

Leanback was launched in July as a Labs project. Leanback shows the pre-roll and overlay advertisements that you’re used to seeing on regular YouTube.


Leanback can be viewed using Google TV hardware devices like the Logitech Revue or Sony Internet TV. These devices are now launched in the US market. When using these devices, you will be presented the option to make Leanback your default YouTube experience. It works on any PC and any browser as well.


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