YC3 – Windows Clipboard Extender

YC3 is basically a Windows clipboard extender that extends beyond Windows clipboard in terms of usage and features, making it a very useful free clipboard manager. It enhancement for Windows has a variety of features and works efficiently to let you manage the clipboard easily.

Unlike Windows clipboard which can store only one item in its clipboard and deletes it when some other item is copied and pasted, YC3 has the ability to save at least 200 items of text and RTF, 20 BMP and Metafile and at least 200 URL clipboard entries, meaning that it is a great alternative to Windows clipboard.

It allows you to permanently store clippings. You can also reuse boilerplate clippings after saving them using this free enhancement for Windows. You can send the items you select to boilerplate and unlimited number of collections can be saved with YC3.

Download YC3


  • YC3 lets you quickly launch links that you copy on the clipboard
  • No matter how many applications you work on, the free alternative to Windows clipboard floats on top of them and does fast pasting
  • There is no size limit for clippings with this free enhancement for Windows
  • You can also print any clipboard entry
  • It has a hotkey which makes the application visible when it is hidden and another one which shows you past clippings without revealing the application
  • [advt]You can easily drag and drop the clippings from YC3
  • The free Windows clipboard extender lets you remove unwanted quotes from the clippings so you can manage the clipboard easily
  • YC3 lets you order boilerplate items
  • It re-connects to the clipboard automatically when applications break the clipboard chain

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