XING – Social Software for Professional Bussiness Network

XING is a social software platform for enabling a small-world network for professionals. By displaying how each member is connected to any other member, it visualizes the small-world phenomenon. The platform offers personal profiles, groups, discussion forums, event coordination, and other common social community features. Basic membership is free.

But many core functions, like searching for people with specific qualifications or messaging people to whom one is not already connected, can only be accessed by the premium members. The platform uses https and has a rigid privacy and no-spam policy. Unlike many other networking websites XING provides its paying members very easy email access to any members.

XING has a special Ambassador program for each city or region around the world with a substantial constituency. The Ambassadors hold local events that promote the use of social networking as a business tool, letting members introduce business ideas to one and other, and get to know each other on a personal level.

XING competes with the American platform LinkedIn and the European Viadeo for social networking among businesses.  Get in touch with people to generate contacts that stay connected to you for a lifetime. They may well help you in your career by providing contacts, offering jobs, or coming up with ideas

XING is the social network for business professionals

  • [advt]More than 10 million members worldwide use XING to boost their business, job, and career.
  • XING is a platform where professionals from all kinds of different industries can meet up, find jobs, colleagues, new assignments, cooperation partners, experts and generate business ideas.
  • Members can meet and exchange views in over 45,000 specialist groups, while also getting together at networking events.
  • XING is the only social network in the world with full SSL encryption as standard. For more information about this, please go to Security at XING.
  • XING acquired amiando AG, a Munich-based company and Europe’s leading provider of online event management and ticketing.
  • The company currently employs around 300 people and is still on the lookout for new talent to join the team.

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