Wittygraphy – Fast Growing Social Network for Art of Caricature

Wittygraphy is a fast growing social network dedicated to the Art of Caricature. It’s a place to discover, share, discuss, promote, buy, and sell caricatures. It is the world’s first community to serve as a hybrid art gallery, photo-sharing service, services marketplace, and directory of domestic and international, emerging and established caricaturists.

Wittygraphy is a vibrant social network of people with caricature interests. It is a forum for self expression, an inclusive art gallery and a supportive and welcoming community.

It’s something different for each of you:

  • [advt]a place to share the drawings you create on the subway
  • a channel to seek feedback on your art work
  • a witty antidote to the day job
  • lunch break entertainment
  • a gallery to inspire
  • a marketplace to get your caricature done, and
  • a place to find and connect with like-minded people


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