Wikidot – Web Application Service for Group Projects

Wikidot is a fast, easy to use web application service. It can look like a traditional wiki, it is for  Group Projects and Collaboration. If you are working on a project, alone or with other people, Wikidot can fit your needs. With its advanced features you can easily use Wikidot to collaborate on documentation, code, discuss things and coordinate tasks. For site creators, with you can create your own web projects in minutes. You use a mix of forums, wiki pages, templates, modules, custom themes, add-in packages, and reusable site templates to create almost any collaborative web project imaginable. is free for use, with few restrictions. Professional users will pay the small fee for a pro account, and enjoy more control over their web projects.

Advanced content structure

Wikidot gives you special tools, which helps you categorize your content beyond imagination. Use tags, categories, page-querying and content-extraction modules to keep your content ordered and easy to find

Full privacy model

Wikidot gives you the possibility to make the whole site private and available only for registered, logged in and approved members. SSL log in process and secure password storage makes transgression almost impossible.

News, blogs, and RSS

You can easily include news section on your page, create project or personal blogs and add RSS feeds. Include modules, embed video, audio, images to make your site content-rich and attractive. You can also upload files such as pdfs, word processor files, spreadsheets, images, videos and every other file.

Multilevel security model

With Wikidot, you can easily tailor the security model to your needs. Some parts of your site could be available only for members or admins, other can be available for everyone.

Enough storage

You will get enough free space for your files. But if it would be not enough, you can always increase the storage.



It providing professional, high quality sites just for everyone. Wikidot is a tool to create a website without knowing HTML, PHP, JavaScript etc. With Wikidot you can create your personal site, your company’s website as well as big portals and huge community forums with thousands of users.


The  live database replication to a backup server and  synchronize file uploads live too. Its primary servers use top-quality hardware, redundant disk drives (RAID 1), redundant power supplies units and power lines, redundant internet connections. It using secure access, so your private data is safe.


It hosting your sites on its servers. It is very secure and you don’t have to worry about data loss.


When you create a site, you can have unlimited number of pages on it, including forum, blogs etc. It does not count to storage.


Although from time to time it display ads on free sites, this is done as discretely as possible.


Wiki Syntax is certainly one of the most powerful available. Read more or try it in the Sandbox demo. The engine is built not only to handle simple sites, but whole portals. Wikidot It also allows to embed LaTeX-style equations, bibliography items, footnotes and more features. YOUR OWN DOMAIN

If you decide that you do not want to use the free subdomain within


You can upload a small image which will become your avatar. Your avatar will be displayed next to your username, e.g. in form posts. You can also set default avatar or turn it off completely. You can also choose if you want users’ avatars to be displayed on your site.


let the users communicate easily by sending private messages. Each user can have a list of contacts and can also configure who is allowed to send him messages.


There is a simple way to create your own menus: top and side. Creating navigation elements and links is very simple. Adding breadcrumbs and sitemap to your site will make navigation even more clear and comprehensive.


Categorize your content using page categories (namespaces), tags and “parent page” relation. Generate tag clouds, listings or even structured site maps.


You can assign tags for every page on your site. With tags, your visitors can easily find the most relevant content without browsing page by page. It is useful to create advanced search systems, catalogs etc.


You can decide who can edit, rename, attach files, replace/delete files within your pages. Who can start new forum threads, add new posts, edit posts and much more. Open your Site totally by allowing anonymous edits or keep number of your editors under control.


You can also allow Users to join your Sites and assign them roles (pages/forum Moderators, Administrators or just Members).


Themes can be assigned to each of categories within a site separately. You can also use your own custom themes (CSS-based). Check out simple theme previewer. More themes are on their way.


When using you can be sure your private data is transmitted safely. No more plain-text passwords.


You can easily create and download a ZIP archive containing a snapshot of your Wiki — source for all the pages and attached files.


Web statistics allow to monitor and analyze the activity on your page, including such detailed information like: what web browser are using your visitors or how much time they spend on each site average.


You can choose your own favicon for your site instead of the default. Favicon is an icon of the site which can be seen in the title bar of your Web Browser.


You can set up <META> tags for the whole site or separately for every page. It can be useful e.g. to change the description of your site, keywords found by search engines etc.



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