Weblist – Interactive and Dynamic Content Sharing Site

weblistWeblist is an interactive and dynamic content sharing site. A weblist is a list of anything you want. You can include pictures, videos, documents, web pages, files and texts in your weblist. You can make many different types of lists. Your list can be a collection of pictures, an assortment of files, web pages and anything else that comes to mind. Your list can also be made up of different types of items. If you can imagine it, you can create it and start sharing.

Weblist makes it easier for you to share your content and also easier for you to find content. If you know a few better sites, create your own list and share it with your friends and other users.

[advt]It is a free service. You don’t even need to create an account in order to use it, but if you want to edit your lists you should register. Every list you create as a logged in user will be saved under your account and you can always go back and edit or remove items for your list.

With Weblist, you can create lists composed of different item types. You may add multiple URLs, files, videos, documents and more. Each list has its own title and description and gets its own URL. To share your list, you simply need to use one single URL, saving you time and effort. Once your list is ready you can save it as a bookmark or as a customizable homepage. You can share it with your friends via email, using the top social networks or by posting it on your blog.


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