webAsyst – Online Collaboration Software for Ecommerce

webAsyst is a suite of web applications for online collaboration and ecommerce. It allows sharing data and files, organizing contacts with your colleagues and friends, opening an online store. Every WebAsyst application works well without all others installed. For example, you may use only Files for sharing files, or only Shop-Script to create an online store, or only Photos for publishing photos online, without other applications that you don’t need

It’s a good idea to start by installing one or two applications, and then upgrade your WebAsyst to a full-featured collaboration suite by installing additional applications you will enhance your WebAsyst functionality with every new application added.

[advt]WebAsyst as PHP software can be installed on your website (shared hosting account or your own web server). It is written in PHP and utilizes MySQL, it has been successfully installed and is used on most popular web-hosting servers around the world.

WebAsyst is an easy way to set up own dedicated online collaboration environment—your company’s intranet. It has service application bundles, widgets for online purpose. It is not a free service.


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