Virtual Desktop Application – Download Desktop panorama

Desktop Panorama is a virtual desktop application that allows you to move Windows in a virtual workspace, and provides you with a preview of the complete workspace. It lets you expand the desktop, drag windows to and from the desktop, and arrange them.

Desktop Panorama provides you with a scrolling virtual desktop, and gives you a preview of all the scrollable space, enabling you to easily get to the required application. You can grab the application windows in the preview bar and move them left or right, allowing you to arrange them in your desired position.

Download Desktop panorama


  • Expands the desktop with virtual desktop.
  • Files can be dragged to or from the desktop.
  • Endless virtual desktop area.
  • View entire virtual desktop easily.
  • Windows can be re-arranged by simply dragging them.
  • Several inbuilt skins are available.
  • Can be configured according to your need.
  • Windows utility software.


  • The first virtual desktop of it’s kind
  • Infinite linear virtual desktop area
  • Entire virtual desktop visible at a glance
  • Rearrange windows by dragging them with a mouse
  • Traditional switching also supported
  • Autohide or pin to desktop feature
  • Multiple skins
  • Highly configurable

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